What is Regenexx?

Years ago, people with these orthopedic problems had very few choices: they could take a bunch of pills, undergo risky surgery, or just put up with the pain.


Fortunately, advances in medical technology have led to a number of breakthroughs and alternatives to pain, pills, or surgery. Regenexx is perhaps one of the most viable alternatives when it comes to treating bone or joint pain, strained or torn ligaments and tendons, or other common injuries and degenerative conditions.


Regenexx is not a single treatment, but rather a “family” of procedures that include bone marrow concentrate therapy and blood platelet treatments.

Our Approach

We offer a unique approach to treating orthopedic injuries non-surgically based on more than a decade of research and experience.


Regenexx pioneered the use of orthopedic bone marrow concentrate to treat common orthopedic conditions.

Physician Expertise

The Best Doctors with the Best Training


The Regenexx network accepts only a handful of physicians. We are proud to be a certified provider of this high-tech procedures.


Regenexx physicians are required to have extensive experience with complex, image-guided injections and comprehensive evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries. Our physicians also receive hundreds of hours of initial and ongoing training.

Lab Processing

Not all regenerative products are created equally. We have an on-site orthobiologics lab. Our proprietary lab-processing techniques allow us to achieve much higher concentrations of cells than can be achieved with a bedside centrifuge. On-site lab processing allows us to create custom orthobiologics from your cells to treat your specific injury in order to achieve the best results.

Image Guidance

We Target the Exact Location of Your Injury


We use precise image guidance for all injections which allows us to target the exact location of the injury. This precision allows for far more consistent and sophisticated treatment than is available without image guidance.


RCRSS is the only integrated site network comprised of a complete organization of specialists. With a dedicated pain management infrastructure, we are working to improve the quality of life for our patients by returning them to function and offering surgical and non-surgical solutions.


Enhancing the speed, quality and accuracy of pain management.



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